Social Events

There's always something fun and exciting going on at our Club. Choose from an extensive social calendar that includes events that cater to every interest. Indulge your wild side with water sports or elate your mind with a wide variety of entertainments. It’s a great way to experience something new with someone who is as passionate as you. The goal is to offer the activities you already enjoy as well as to introduce you to new ones that you may never have thought of trying before. Celebrate with fabulous buffet dinners, live entertainments and recreational activities!


On May 31st of 2013, The Global Sailing Club has been launched. A Fabulous Launch party was held on this Special day. Vice Admiral Prem Suthen has inaugurated the ceremony popping champagne. Around 100 members and their family members had graced the party with their presence. It was such an entralling night with delicious food and merry go around, amidst rain.

karaoke night

To mark the first Club Night, a 'Karaoke Night' was organized on 28 Jun 13, the last Friday of the month. Again, despite the wet conditions, we had good response from the members for the well organized event – good beverages, tasty food and excellent music. Amongst the many good singers, Ms Rosa and Mr Isaac Thanikal emerged as the star performers.